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The annual meeting of the Leicester Volunteer Fire Department, Incorporated will be held Monday, June 24, 2024 at 6:30 p.m. at the main station located at 1563 Alexander Road, Leicester, North Carolina 28748.

Pursuant to the By-laws adopted on April 29, 2024 (copy of which are posted herein under the heading of “By-Laws”), there will be two offices offered for election at the time of the annual meeting:

The office of:   Secretary

The office of:  Member at large

Since the By-laws have recently been adopted (April 29, 2024) in which it is stated that election of board members shall be in three but since the Chief’s position is considered one of the nine members of the board but that position does not rotate, the Board elected at the June 3, 2024 meeting to begin the rotation for the calendar year 2024 with two members.  The following two years will then rotate to electing three members each.  These positions will be set forth at the annual meeting of the Board of Directors on June 24, 2024.

If someone would like to be a board member, they shall fill out and submit a Board member interest card to the Board of Directors at the regular May meeting of the Board or to the Chairperson of the Board at least thirty (30) days before, but no more that forty-five (45) days before the annual meeting, and indicate the office for which they choose to seek.  Due to the Memorial Day Holiday falling on the regularly designated date for the May 29, 2024 meeting, the May meeting will be held June 3, 2024 and the 30 -day requirement will be waived for the 2024 annual meeting.

A copy of the Board of Directors Application is attached.

All persons that submitted the form that meet the requirements of being a board member noted in Section 3.2 of the By-laws shall be placed on a ballot for the corporate membership to vote from.  There will not be any nominations from the floor at the annual meeting.

Copy of Application
LFD Helmet

We are committed to saving lives and property of the citizens and visitors of our community through fire protection, suppression, emergency medical services, rescue, fire prevention, and life safety programs.


Station 1
Main Station

1563 Alexander Road
Leicester, NC 28748

Station 2
Sandymush Station

15 School Road
Leicester, NC 28748

Station 3
Newfound Station

1075 Newfound Road
Leicester, NC 28748