Incident Pre-Plans in Process

Every year, Leicester Fire Department partners with businesses in our response area to conduct incident pre-plans.  The purpose of an incident pre-plan is to ensure a coordinated, expedient, and safe response in the event of an emergency.  This information provides around-the-clock access to immediate, critical details that can be extremely beneficial to responding agencies and personnel working to mitigate the incident.  Pre-plans with up-to-date information can result in an expedient and safer response.

Pre-plans can be beneficial for all involved.  Benefits to the business include:

  • Formalization/review of procedures, company policies, and best practices regarding actions to take in an emergent situation
  • Communication systems
  • Methods of evacuation and accountability

Benefits to emergency services include:

  • Determining appropriate and proven response methods
  • Acquiring and locating necessary equipment
  • Removing site-specific obstacles
  • Identifying neighboring exposures

The quicker first responders can locate, access, assess, and mitigate the emergency, the sooner the incident will be contained, and facility operations restored to “business as usual.”

A member of the Leicester Fire Department will be contacting businesses to schedule a convenient appointment to conduct and/or update our incident pre-plans during January.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Department for any questions or concerns.

Together, we can work to protect the lives and property of the Leicester community.


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