October 26, 2021

Tonight, Leicester Volunteer Fire Department is very excited to put in service our new ambulance, designated callsign “1820”. 1820 will become the primary ambulance for the Leicester district replacing our old ambulance after 8 years and over 155,000 miles of service. Our ambulances go through a lot of wear and tear through continuous 24/7 use, punishing driving conditions, and challenging terrains.

1820 comes with many improvements including advanced adjustable suspension and traction control, latest Medic-In-Mind design and improved Patient Compartment Safety that includes a power-load stretcher system, that can automatically load patients smoothly and safely into the ambulance, and reduces risk of injury to our medics.

The new ambulance meets the latest NC Emergency Medical Services (NCEMS) certifications as well as well as meeting the standards and certifications from the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS).