Leicester Fire Department Members, 2018

Photo Copyright © 2018 Jim O’Sullivan Photography.  Used with permission.

We are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters. We come from all walks of life.  Some are paid members, others volunteer their time.  Some have been in this service for years, others have been serving for a short amount of time.  We are constructors, preachers, teachers, farmers, technicians, and more.

We stem from different backgrounds and experiences, but at the end of the day, we are all here for one purpose:  our community.

We are Leicester Fire Department.

Our Mission

Our mission is to save lives and property of the citizens of our community through fire protection, suppression, emergency medical services, rescue, fire prevention, and life safety programs.

Our Values

Our core values are integrity, professionalism, trust, and compassion.  We believe these principles to be the foundation for our success.

Our Pledge to the Community

We consider it an honor to serve our community and strive to improve every day. Customer service is paramount to our organization. We are ready in a moment’s notice to answer any emergency or need that arises. We strive to be efficient and effective stewards of people, equipment, and facilities, and seek to utilize all of our resources to provide the best possible service to our community.